Who Should File FSSAI Annual Return?

  • Every FBO has a business turnover of more than Rs.12 lakhs.
  • Every FBO importing, selling, manufacturing, exporting, storing, distributing, handling or transporting any type of food product.
  • The FBO is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of milk.

The FSSAI issued a notification of exemption, exempting certain entities from filing the FSSAI annual return, which is as follows: 

  • Fast-food joints.
  • Restaurants.
  • Grocery stores.
  • Canteens.

There are two types of FSSAI returns:

  1. FSSAI Form D1 (Annual Return)
    All FBOs must mandatory file form D1 irrespective of the production they are involved in and depending on the type of food products sold by them in the preceding financial year.

  2. FSSAI Form D2 (Half-Yearly Return)
    Form D2 is a half-yearly return. The FBO involved in the business of manufacturing or importing milk or milk products is required to file Form D2.

File Your FSSAI Annual Return

How to file your FSSAI Annual Return India?

1. Fill-up the Form
Simply fill the above form to get started.
2. Call to discuss

Get the Call from our FSSAI Expert Panel & Upload the Documents, Details as requested

3. Return Filed

Experts will take your Approval for FSSAI Annual Return Filing process. Congratulations! Your FSSAI Annual Return has been filed successfully

Due Date for Filing Returns

The due date to file the FSSAI form D1 by the FBOs is on or before 31 May of every financial year.

The FSSAI form D2 is a half-yearly form. It must be filed for the period from 1 April to 30 September and from 1 October to 31 March every financial year by the FBOs engaged in the manufacturing of milk and milk products.

The due date to file form D2 is as follows:

Half-Yearly Period 
Due Date to File Form D2
1 April to 30 September 
Within 31 October
1 October to 31 March
Within 30 April

Penalty for Non-Compliance

According to the Regulations, when FBOs does not file the FSSAI returns within the prescribed due date, a fine of Rs.100 will be imposed on them every day the default continues starting from the next day of the due date.

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